Most people who are in the IT field have heard of CompTIA. A technical certificate provider organisation that people of all levels can look into getting.

A plethora of certificates are provided by CompTIA. One of the most entry-level certificates is the A+ certificate that gives an overview of the IT fundamentals.

As someone who once started in IT, I would recommend if you’re starting in IT to definitely look into getting a certificate to prove future employers (and yourself) that you do indeed understand the content that you’ve learnt.

Advice: Although I personally recommend getting a certificate; blindly getting certificates because “more is better” is not the correct approach. Find a certificate that aligns with what you’re interested in and pursue it. Don’t forget to always try and apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios and not mindlessly remember.

If you are curious, I went for the CompTIA Security+ as cybersecurity is an interesting field to me.