CompTIA Security+

Most people who are in the IT field have heard of CompTIA. A technical certificate provider organisation that people of all levels can look into getting. A plethora of certificates are provided by CompTIA. One of the most entry-level certificates is the A+ certificate that gives an overview of the IT fundamentals. As someone who… Continue reading CompTIA Security+

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a global Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that provides services to just about anyone from individual developers to conglomerates. Although other CSPs exists such as Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud – AWS is currently the most popular. Having taken a look myself, it becomes apparent that many individuals and organisations choose… Continue reading AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Site Migration Story

Note: I have since moved my site again for ease… Prior to hosting this website on AWS, I used to host my website on Github using Github Pages. Free and easy-to-use it allowed for me to create blog entries with relative ease. However, a main concern for me which made me pivot from Github to… Continue reading Site Migration Story